2017 Nanaimo Ukulele Festival pictures and comments

We received several comments from people who attended the 2017 Nanaimo Ukulele Festival and made all the hard work and planning worthwhile. Below are just a few of the remarks that patrons sent us:

“Just want to pass on my huge THANK YOU to all who were involved in organizing, volunteering and hosting the 2017 Uke Festival!  It was fantastic!  So much fun!  I took in Rob Wilkinson’s two lessons on the Saturday (which were really good!), and James & Anne Janelle’s concert (they are both so awesome!), and a friend and I went to the strum and sing-along on the Sunday afternoon as well.  An informative, entertaining, fun-packed ukulele weekend!  Thank you so much!  Can’t wait for next year!” Shiela

“Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful Nanaimo Ukulele Festival experience!  Anne, Alder and I had a great time.  The weather, the workshops, the people, the good vibes… you must be very pleased at the way it all came together.  You did a great job!  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a well-run event.” James Hill

“Looking forward to next year.  Only question is how do you beat this year’s guest performer next year?  Thanks for a great weekend.”  TERRY and LARRY

“Well wasn’t that fun?! I have been around many such events with numbers from less than 20 to over 700. This ukulele festival may be the best organized, most fun, most relaxed, most inspiring off them all.”  Martin

“I thought that the festival was so much fun – wonderfully planned and executed.  There were lots of volunteers to handle any problem and the scheduling of volunteers was very good.    I would be really interested in volunteering and the helping with the planning of another festival, hopefully, next year.  I loved both the concert and the  jamboree on Sunday.  It would be nice to have an sing and strum that could be longer at the next festival if possible.”  Heather

My head is still spinning from the wonderful day I had yesterday at the festival. Your organizers did such a wonderful job that I was able to just absorb the whole experience. I applaud all of you for a tremendous success.”  Eileen 

Pics of the 2017 Nanaimo Ukulele Festival. 

Tuning up for the Jammin’ Jamboree sing and strum.
Melissa at the Registration/Information table.
The Revolving Doors band performing at the Sunday afternoon Ukulele Jammin’ Jamboree.
Steve Doreen, luthier, pleased with the interest his custom ukuleles are getting.
Rob Wilkinson teaches Rhythm and Time workshop
Steve talks with interested ukulele players.
James Hill in action teaching the Lyricism and Line workshop.
James teaches jazz chords in Swing Ukulele Swing workshop.

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