Who We Are:

The Nanaimo Ukulele festival began as a one day event in the summer of 2011 and was produced by Anna Lyman, a local ukulele and vocal teacher, who wanted to promote and support the growing interest in the ukulele in the Nanaimo area. What started as a one day affair has grown over the years to become a uke fest celebration attended by people from across Vancouver Island, mainland BC and other parts of North America.

Local ukulele enthusiasts and volunteers work to bring together ukulele performers and teachers from the Island and across Canada and the USA. Our goal is to create an event where we can come together to celebrate our love of the ukulele, meet with other “ukesters” and showcase the accomplished and talented ukulele players from across the continent.

Your Festival Organizing Team 

Liz DeBarros

A resident of Parksville, Liz has been playing the ukulele since 2011  and has a collection of sopranos, tenors and baritone ukuleles. She also sings, plays the UBass, bass guitar and acoustic guitar in local band, the Revolving Doors. Liz has completed Level 2 in the James Hill Ukulele Initiative Teaching Program and is registered to take Level 3. Liz says, “The program is amazing, so well thought out and having James as a teacher, mentor and guide is outstanding. As my students move through the program, I get a great sense of satisfaction seeing their progress.” Liz teaches ukulele at her home studio and the McMillan Arts Centre both in Parksville.

Carol Johns

Carol started playing the ukulele in 2011 with the Harbour City Seniors Nordli group. She has taken lessons with Anna Lyman and has been involved in organizing the 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 ukulele festivals in Nanaimo. Carol plays the tenor and baritone ukulele and continues her lessons with her teacher, Flavio Cianflone of the Music Chord. Carol also plays regularly with the Folk’n Oldies group. As well, Carol mentors a Level 1 Ukulele in the Classroom group with the Nanaimo seniors program. She is registered to take the Level 1 Teacher Training certificate with James Hill Ukulele Initiative this summer.

Melissa Reves

Melissa became interested in the ukulele a few years ago when she heard the Nanaimo Ukulele Circle playing in a local coffee shop. Since then she can’t put her ‘ukuleles’ down. Melissa also plays with the seniors Folk’n Oldies group and says that her playing has improved since joining that group. She studies music with Flavio Cianflone and has recently taken up playing the UBass.

Ukulele Programs in Nanaimo

Harbour City Seniors Ukulele programs for those over 60

Harbour Lights, Nordli Ukulele group, & Beginner Ukulele

To participate in any of the ukulele programs offered by the City of Nanaimo Parks and Recreation contact the

Harbour City Seniors

program coordinator at 250-756-5200 or visit their website by clicking on the link above.

Arbutus Music private and group lessons       Phone: 250.933.1900

Anna Lyman private lessons and ukulele orchestras www.ukulelelessons.ca

The Music Chord private lessons with Flavio Cianflone      Phone: (250) 619-5871