Four one-hour lessons 11am to noon on Fridays at The McMillan Arts Centre, 133, McMillan Street in Parksville

October 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th 2017

Have you been thinking about playing the ukulele but don’t know how to start, what to buy or how to learn?

In this four-week course, I’ll start by showing you the different sizes of ukuleles; you’ll be able to see which size suits you best. I’ll be covering the basics of picking and strumming and you can see if the ukulele is the instrument for you.

The cost is $60 and includes the course book. I will have ukuleles available to rent if you don’t have your own (damage deposit required) or to buy. For more information or to register, email or call 250-586-5803.

I am a Level 1 JHUI Certified Ukulele Teacher; play in a local band, teach ukulele at Arbutus Music in Nanaimo and at my home studio in Parksville.

Nanaimo Ukulele Festival blog


    1. Can you give me more details? Do you mean at the festival? There are four different workshops you can pick from. One of them, Beginner 101, starts at the very basic level. Beginner 102 is a continuation of the Beginner 101 workshop. Here is a link to the workshop page.

      Check out the other workshops as well on the same web page.

      There are beginner ukulele lessons provided through Harbour City Seniors starting in September at Oliver Woods Recreation Centre in Nanaimo. Check the Fall/Winter Nanaimo Recreation Guide in August when it comes out.

      If you are in the Parksville area, Liz DeBarros provides ukulele lessons as well. Here is a link to more information.

      Hope that helps.

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