Another “Great Little Festival” event this year

Wow! Didn’t we all have a great time this year with Cynthia Kinnunen, Kim Bjerga, Clark Holmes, and Andrew Nufer of the Naked Waiters  and Bill Naylor, Ade Barnum, Dean Williams and Liz DeBarros of the Revolving Doors. 

The workshops were well attended and we received very positive feedback from the participants. The Saturday night concert was a hit with stellar performances by Cynthia and The Naked Waiters. It was truly a wooo hooo time.

Sunday afternoon was a blast with several performances kicked off by Katelyn & Mira, followed by several excellent open mic players. Then the concert with the Revolving Doors proved to be a big hit again this year. The sing and strum, led by the Revolving Doors showed that 100+ ukesters and friends always do have a great time when we all get together. All the performers and organizers, Liz, Melissa and Carol got up on stage to close the festival with a rousing rendition of Hey Jude. 

And, I think I can say, that a great time was had by all.

We will be posting pictures and comments that we receive on the blog. I will also be putting up information about where you can get involved with groups in your community if you play the uke and want to connect with others.

We’d love to hear your feedback and any comments. Please get in touch.

Carol, Liz and Melissa


After the festival was over, Melody and Russ offered to take the Naked Waiters, Kim, Clark and Andy, on a sailing trip off the shores of Nanaimo. Here is the video that Melody took during their three hour tour.



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