We are adding a new event this year; a Sing and Strum to be held on Sunday March 22nd at The Neighbourhood Church, 4951, Rutherford Road, Nanaimo, between 2pm and 4pm

Doors will open at 2pm and you will be able to buy tickets for this year’s Festival being held on Friday September 18th & Saturday September 19th.

The Sing and Strum will be led by members of The Revolving Doors and chords and lyrics will be projected onto a screen, so you can leave your music stands at home. If you just want to sing, that’s OK too.

This is a free event but donations are welcome.

Anyone buying tickets for the Festival at this event will receive a free Nanaimo Ukulele Festival tote bag.

Not Long Now…

Just a few days to go before out third Festival at the Neighbourhood Church in Nanaimo. Tickets are flying out the door, so if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, don’t wait too long.

Online tickets sales will close at 10pm on Thursday September 12th. After that, you will only be able to purchase tickets at the venue from 6pm on Friday 13th September and 9.30am on Saturday 14th.

Reducing Plastic Bottle Use

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastics used at the Festival, we encourage you to bring you own reusable water bottle or container to the Festival.

We will have two water stations available for you to refill your bottles. If you forget your container, we can offer you a paper cup to use for the day, but you cannot take the cup into the Sanctuary or workshop rooms.

Ukulele Orchestra starting in Parksville

I’m starting a new Ukulele Orchestra for ukulele players who are keen to play multi-part arrangements in an ensemble. The format will not involve weekly practices but only meet every 4-6 weeks, giving you plenty of time to learn and practice the piece between meetings.

If you are interested, read all the information below and email me at to register.

The Orchestra will be meeting at the Shelly Road Hall in Parksville 10.30am to noon Friday Sept 20th, Oct 18th, Nov 22nd, Jan 10th. I will email out music sheets in both Treble Clef music notation, TABS (for those who don’t read music) and an mp3 recording of each part of the music prior to each session so you can practice and become familiar with each part.

Being able to read, understand and play correct timing of notes is an essential part of ensemble playing. A pre-requisite of being part of the orchestra is being familiar with quarter, half, eighth, dotted and tied notes. I will be giving a workshop on this theme called “Timing is Everything” prior to starting the Orchestra which will explain all of the timing the orchestra will be using in the music we will be playing. If you aren’t familiar with timing, you will have to attend this workshop to be part of the orchestra.

The first of the sessions is a “Timing is Everything” workshop and then three full orchestra sessions. The cost is $120 for the four sessions and you have to pay in full before the first session. If you are unable to attend one of the sessions, there will be no refund or reduction in the fee, but you will get the sheet music etc. for that session to enable you to prepare for the next session. If this format works and there is enough interest, further sessions will follow in February, March and April 2020.

If you can read music and already know and can play timing, you wouldn’t have to attend the “Timing” workshop and the fee would be $90.

Workshops selling out

If you’ve been thinking about taking a workshop at the September 14th Nanaimo Ukulele Festival, don’t wait around too long before reserving your spot.

There are only 4 spots left in the “TABS & Fingerstyle Ukulele” workshop being given by Carol Johns in the morning session.

Only 5 spots are left in “Mystery of Chords” workshop being given by Liz DeBarros in the afternoon session.

Go to the Workshop Page to buy your tickets

Want to Try a Ukulele Orchestra Experience?

Have you ever fancied trying to play and pick out a tune on your ukulele in an ensemble? Come and join me, Liz DeBarros, and try it out and get the Ukulele Experience at this workshop.

Saturday June 8th 2019, 10.30am to noon at the Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge, Unit 8 – 464 Island Hwy. E., Parksville

We will look at a piece of contemporary music that I’ve arranged into three parts and, after a short practice through all parts and explanation of the timing, you can decide which you feel most comfortable playing. I’ll split the class up into three groups and by the end of the session, we will come together and play the piece as an orchestra. (Minimum of 8 participants)

We’ll be playing the Beatles “I’ll Follow the Sun”

Workshop fee $30. To register, email me at

My website: