Concert and Workshop Info

On this page you will find information on all the workshops, the Saturday evening concert and the Sunday afternoon Jammin’ Jamboree. You will also find links to PayPal so you can buy your concert tickets or register for a workshop.


What level are you at?

A student at this level is brand-new to ukulele. He/she has perhaps learned one to three chords but stops in-between chord changes to move the fingers to the next location.

A student at this level can hold a steady rhythm and is competent with a variety of basic chords (for example: A, Am, B7, C, C7, D, Dm, E, Em, G, and G7). Understands simple chord progressions (such as I, IV, V chords), can sing and strum at the same time, and learns chords to simple tunes fairly quickly.


Workshop Descriptions

Saturday July 15th Morning Workshops

10:30 to 12:00 p.m. Ukulele 101 Mastering the Basics(Beginner)*

For the very beginner with little or no experience. In this workshop you will be introduced to the ukuleles different sizes, wood types and parts. Learn basic chord strums, and some simple songs. If you don’t have your ukulele yet, no worries. We will loan you a ukulele for the day!

*Only 25 spots available for this workshop.

Instructor: Rob Wilkinson. Price $20

*Please contact us if you need to borrow a ukulele for the workshop.

10:30 to 12:00 p.m. Lyricism and Line: How to Make the Ukulele Sing (Intermediate) SOLD OUT

Explore the lyrical side of the ukulele. In this workshop students learn to play chord-melody arrangements of beautiful melodies such as Spring Song (Mendelssohn), Slumber Song (Schubert) and Streets of Laredo (Trad.). Discover subtleties of left-hand fingering and right-hand finger picking and how these can make (or break) the lyrical qualities of the music. A workshop full of musical delights and ukulele insights.

Click on the link to take you to James Hill’s workshop prep sheets

Lyricism and Line Prep Sheet – C6 Tuning (g, c, e, a)

*Only 30 spots available for this workshop.

Update: Lyricism and Line workshop is SOLD OUT

Instructor: James Hill price $35.00

Saturday, July 15th, Afternoon

1:30 to 3:00 p.m. Ukulele 102 – Rhythm and Time  (Beginner)

Rhythm is universal! In this workshop you will learn the difference between beat and rhythm and how both relate to strumming and picking. Rob will also introduce time signatures, eighth notes/quarter notes/16th notes/half notes and the importance of being able to tap your foot while playing.

*Only 25 spots available for this workshop.

Instructor: Rob Wilkinson. Price $20

*Please contact us if you need a ukulele for the workshop.

1:30 to 3:00 p.m. Swing, Ukulele Swing!  (Intermediate)

It’s swing time in Ukulele Land! East coast, west coast, all around the town, swing is happening. Sweet-sounding swing chords are easy to play and they sound oh-so fabulous. Your ukulele will thank you and your strumming will never be the same again. Regardless of prior experience, James will have you swinging your first Jazz tune in five minutes and you’ll fly to the moon from there!

Instructor: James Hill price $35.00

*Only 30 spots available for this workshop.

Note: This is an intermediate-level workshop; please download this the Lyricism and Line Prep Sheet and study it before attending the session: 


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James Hill intermediate workshops $35

James Hill’s workshop maximum 30 participants

Rob Wilkinson beginner workshops $20  

Rob Wilkinson workshop maximum 25 participants

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Concert – Performances by James Hill and Anne Janelle

General seating, all tickets $25

Sunday Ukulele Jammin’ Jambouree – Sunday performances Parksville’s Revolving Doors, open mike

Jamboree by donation

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Please note: The Lyricism and Line and the Swing Ukulele Swing workshops are SOLD OUT. The package deal with the two James Hill workshops is no longer available.