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What level are you at?


At this level, you are a brand-new ukulele player.  You may have  learned a few chords but you stop in-between chord changes to move your fingers to the next location.

Confident Beginner

This player knows a handful of chords and can move from one chord to another without pausing. Has developed a strum or two or a basic finger pattern for picking.

At this level, you can hold a steady rhythm and can play a variety of basic chords (for example: A, Am, B7, C, C7, D, Dm, E, Em, G, and G7). You can play simple chord progressions (such as I, IV, V chords), can sing and strum at the same time, and you can learn chords to simple tunes fairly quickly.

*All the workshops offered are either at the beginner or the intermediate level.



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