Instructor – Liz DeBarros

Saturday January 12th – 10.30am to noon

This is the second of my ukulele workshop series to be held at Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge in Parksville.

This workshop will show you how chords are made and explain the mystery of chord progressions.

We will look at all the Major chords and why there are many variations within each chord. Minor chords and how they fit in to a chord progression.

Chord “inversions” (don’t worry, it’s not that technical) and see how you can make chords up and down the neck.

Movable chords and transposing or changing the key of a song. How to use a capo.

I’ll also be showing you how to anticipate chord changes and position your fingers for quicker and more accurate changes.

This workshop is also suitable for Baritone ukulele players.

The cost is $30 and tickets are available through GZAL website



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