Not Long Now…

Just a few days to go before out third Festival at the Neighbourhood Church in Nanaimo. Tickets are flying out the door, so if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, don’t wait too long.

Online tickets sales will close at 10pm on Thursday September 12th. After that, you will only be able to purchase tickets at the venue from 6pm on Friday 13th September and 9.30am on Saturday 14th.


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  1. It has taken one month for me to write a few words in appreciation for the recent festival…Once again the group of volunteers was terrific I think the large crowd that turned out for the concert speaks for itself. I think for me was the knowledge of our instrument has increased ten-fold…we clapped when one or more of the entertainers did something special…while watching I was reminded of many instructors along the way who said stop pounding! Hard to accept that strumming can be so effective while been respectful of our wee instrument… wonderful evening for many! Sharron

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