Victoria Vox


With a passion for songwriting, Victoria Vox began writing songs when she was ten. She furthered her music education at the Berklee College of Music, as a vocal principle with an emphasis in Songwriting. A few years after graduating, Vox took up the ukulele. Her music style shifted to chanson tinged with jazz, which, over the years, has settled in nicely with her pop songwriting flair. With 10 albums under her belt (as an unsigned artist), Victoria continues to grow and hone her craft. She’s very personable on stage, though a bit shy at times, she’s goofy and engaging, and likes to make people laugh. But as soon as she opens her mouth to sing, the emotion and inspiration pour out of her melodic and cleverly written songs, and it becomes undeniable that she is genuine and full of heart.

On a lighter note, she also has perfected the Mouth-Trumpet which, to some, is considered a form of “beat-boxing”. Vox takes improvisational solos echoing the tones of trumpet genius, Chet Baker, solely with her voice. This odd and quirky talent, nonetheless, landed her on the Jay Leno Show (2009) and on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (2015). 

Her 10th album, Colorful Heart, is consistently eclectic, as her previous albums, however, a new sound is achieved in her songwriting. Anything is possible with a ukulele, and Victoria Vox is proof.

Victoria sings her original song “Wildwood”, click link below

Victoria sings her original song “Same Dirt”, click link below


Eduardo Garcia


Eduardo is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Mexico currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. On his journey, he studied and played music in a large variety of environments, worlds, and languages. Being both classically and traditionally trained, he soon got active in a wide diversity of music projects in Mexico, teaching, performing and writing music.

Eduardo played several different traditional string instruments with ‘Amate’, a traditional mariachi based in Guadalajara, that performs regularly inside and outside of Mexico. Parallel to that, he played the cello on the ‘Victor Manuel Medeles’ chamber orchestra, of which he was also the arranger/composer of almost all of their repertoire, and the repertoire of other choirs and ensembles in Mexico. During 2017, he collaborated on the book ‘Tsenten Ajab’, a book of studies and arrangements of both traditional and modern music for the Jarana Huasteca, a traditional folk instrument from Mexico’s Huasteco region that was published in 2018.

He was the founder/director of the Academia de Ukuleles de la Ribera (Lakeside Ukulele Academy), a self-financed music school that provides instruments and free music lessons to all children in his community.

In September 2017, he became a teacher at Ruby’s Ukes, based in Vancouver, B.C., and started conducting/arranging music for the Ruby’s Ukulele Orchestra in 2019. He has participated in the Vancouver Ukulele Festival in 2018 and 2019, the Ajijic Ukulele Retreat (Mexico) in 2017 and 2019, Coquitlam Ukulele mini festival (Canada) in 2019, Beyond Trad (Canada) music camp in 2018, 2019 and soon, 2020, the Seoul International Aloha Ukulele Festival (South Korea) in 2019 and soon, the Nanaimo Ukulele Festival in 2020



Liz’s is one of the organisers of the Nanaimo Ukulele Festival. Her first experience of playing the ukulele was in 2011 on a Princess cruise to Hawaii. A series of serendipitous events helped her continue playing and performing with this wonderful instrument.

In 2016 she enrolled as a student in the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (JHUI) Teacher Certification Program and completed Level 3 in June 2019.

Liz was thrilled to be part of the Teaching Team at James Hill’s “Sing. Strum. Spa.” ukulele extravaganza at Harrison Hot Springs in October 2019

She has taught a variety of ages (7-82) in private lessons at Arbutus Music School in Nanaimo, BC and now concentrates on Group Lessons and Workshops in her home town of Parksville, BC, at the McMillan Arts Centre. Her website has details of all her classes, workshops and orchestra

She also plays ukulele, bass guitar and sings in a band, the Revolving Doors, who perform at various events in their locale; they also perform at the Nanaimo Ukulele Festival and lead the Sing & Strum.

Liz will be teaching a “All About the UBass” workshop on Saturday afternoon at the Festival


CAROL JOHNS  is  a Level 2  certified JHUI ukulele instructor who teaches beginner ukulele group lessons in Nanaimo for the Harbour City Seniors program. Carol started playing the ukulele with the Nordli group back in 2011. Since then, Carol has taken lessons with Anna Lyman and Flavio Cianflone. She plays with the Folk n Oldies music group and enjoys the performances the group does for various seniors residences in Nanaimo. Carol plans to continue her studies with the James Hill Ukulele Initiative teacher training.

Carol will be teaching a workshop on “ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS, 101 & 102” on Saturday September 19th, morning & afternoon


On Saturday September 19th, after the workshops and Open Mic, the Revolving Doors comprised of Bill Naylor, Ade Barnum, Dean Williams and Liz DeBarros will give a short performance and then lead the “Sing and Strum”. The band is based in Errington and has been playing together since 2014 and regularly perform at the Errington Farmers market in the summer, and at various private parties and dances in their locale. They’ll be leaving the electric guitars and drum kit at home for the Festival.