Strumming Patterns Workshop – Saturday November 24th 2018

Would you like to improve your strumming?

Liz DeBarros, a Level 3 JHUI Ukulele Teacher, will be giving a Strumming workshop at the Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge (GZAL) in Parksville on Saturday November 24th, 10.30am to noon.

The workshop will cover strumming techniques – thumb strum, finger single, double and triple strums

The difference between beat and rhythm and how to choose which strumming pattern to use in each song you play

Strumming exercises using a variety of songs in different timings – 4/4; 3/4; 6/8 etc.

Move on from the single, down strum and enhance your Sing & Strum experience.

Cost of the workshop is $30. The workshop is suitable for Beginners who have a little experience, Intermediate upwards.

Limited to 20 students

Register through the GZAL website link below; scroll down to the Strumming workshop.

If you have any questions, please email Liz at 

No refunds for cancellations after Nov 17th 2018


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