Want to Try a Ukulele Orchestra Experience?

Have you ever fancied trying to play and pick out a tune on your ukulele in an ensemble? Come and join me, Liz DeBarros, and try it out and get the Ukulele Experience at this workshop.

Saturday June 8th 2019, 10.30am to noon at the Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge, Unit 8 – 464 Island Hwy. E., Parksville

We will look at a piece of contemporary music that I’ve arranged into three parts and, after a short practice through all parts and explanation of the timing, you can decide which you feel most comfortable playing. I’ll split the class up into three groups and by the end of the session, we will come together and play the piece as an orchestra. (Minimum of 8 participants)

We’ll be playing the Beatles “I’ll Follow the Sun”

Workshop fee $30. To register, email me at ukelessonsliz@shaw.ca

My website: http://www.ukelessonsliz.com



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